Farmers west of the Scioto River in Pickaway County, Ohio
From Nov. 7, 1889 Williamsport News
                        NOTICE TO QUAIL HUNTERS
            As the time for hunting quail is near at hand, we the undersigned, do hereby notify all hunters of quail, or game of any kind, that we do give due notice, that we will not permit any hunting with gun or dogs, without permission, on any of our farms; furthermore, we will stand by each other in seeing that the law is enforced to its fullest extent, on those who trespass on our premises:
J. M. Dunlap                              Mary E. Phebus
I. C. Hornbeck                           Wesley Davis
S. G. Hunsicker                         G. C. Hays
Mary A. Corkwell                       W. A. Gray
Jno. & Geo. Crabill                     W. A. Thomas
George Betts                             S. P. Stewart
Wesley Tarbill                            Rezin Wolf
Chas. Shanton                           Jas. Bennett
J. J. Myers                                Samuel Eymon
S. I. Pickle                                W. H. Plummer
Clyde Anderson                         W. I. Wood
Susan Blacker                           Samuel Anderson
B. W. Harris                              S. W. Dunlap
James Hulse                             B. F. Hornbeck
A. J. Walston                            Philip Eycke
D. C. Phebus                             George Moler
Noah Schein                              Thos. Ferguson
Joseph Davis                             Henrietta Cox